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World History

General Sites of Interest

  • HyperHistory contains that ole' chronological chart with a variety of world cultures--except it has a new twist! Instead of a two dimensional "wall chart," this page enhances the typical chronology of world cultures with maps, people, places, and valuable information.
  • Creative Impulse takes the artist's view of world history. The site is arranged chronologically from prehistory to the present and has hundreds of traditional history links (people, places and events) plus links to the art, architecture, literature, drama, music, dance and philosophy of each era. It is quite extensive and contains over 2300 annotated and rated links (and it's still growing).
  • Memories of 1945 is an interactive e-mail listserv where students can pose questions to a variety of witnesses from World War II. This page explains how to sign up.
  • H-GIG Living History is dedicated to the preservation and teaching of history through hands-on learning.
  • Egyptian Art and Archaeology Web including an exhibit of some of the Egyptian antiquities and a short tour of Egypt.
  • Labyrinth: Medieval Studies at Georgetown University is one of the most referred to site on the middle ages. A must see.
  • EuroDocs: Primary Historical Documents From Western Europe Selected Transcriptions, Facsimiles and Translations
  • U-Boat Net: Military submarine history of World War II.
  • The World of the Vikings - History Resources
  • K-12 Electronic Guide for African Resources - A great reference for instructing about Africa.
  • 1492: AN ONGOING VOYAGE an Exhibit of the Library of Congress, Washington, DC.
  • Julius Caesar - A good example of intregrating English and social studies. Touches on writing skills and composition with an exploration of government and civics.
  • Columbus and the Age of Discovery database.
  • The Enlightenment: From the Age of Faith to the Age of Reason provides an organized start to this historical period of change.
  • The Great Depression and World War II (1929-1945) This site provides some additional direction around the web. There are some lesson plans that posted as examples here as well. Some of the sites offerred are old and out of use, but it is worth the look.
  • Eighteenth-Century Resources - Think of anything about the eighteenth century time period and it is here. The search engine provided will orient you on your way. The site is definitely grounded in the western civ. tradition, but who knows to where Mr. Lynch will expand.
  • Exploring Ancient World Cultures - An extensive compilation of web-based information on ancient cultures of the world. A history-oriented site produced largely by historians, check out their global credentials! A great reference for teachers, and a great reference for student inquiry-based projects.

Specific Sites of Interest

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