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  • News 360 ( This is a new site on the Web.  I knew about it as an app on iPad.  It looks at all news items from every perspective.  If you sign up, they can learn of your interests and find news they think you are interested in.  I declined this option.
  • New York TImesFollow the screen directions to subscribe to a free on-line version. Updated throughout the day. Superb!
  • Yahoo News Page maintains a master list with multiple categories. In particular, check out the Current Events Page
  • TIME Daily Online is updated throughout the day.
  • New York Times - TimesFax This provides a daily digest which is readable in newsprint style thanks to Adobe Acrobat technology. You need to download Acrobat first - directions are available at this site.
  • CNN Interactive may not survive long as a free service but this is a MUST SEE site! Consider using this on a daily basis in your classroom. Also the CNN Newsroom Classroom Guides provides plans built around topical news items which cross curricular boundaries. Questions and strategies for teacher use, vocabulary, and problem solving approaches are included.
  • National Public Radio has real-time full audio files of much of their news broadcasts. You need to first register with Real Audio. This is a MUST HEAR site!
  • ABC RealAudio has the most up-to-date audio news.
  • The Jerusalem Post is updated daily and contains comprehensive coverage of the Middle East.
  • U.S. News Online - From U.S. News & World Report. Good for domestic news, does not seem to include their international coverage.
  • OMRI- Open Media Research Institute, Daily Reports (formerly Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty). You can access the archives at

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