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  • H-GIG Living History is dedicated to the preservation and teaching of history through hands-on learning. Ranging from Anglo-Saxon to Civil War history, the page has links to hands-on history.


  • The Historical Text Archive at Mississippi State University contains a variety of resources of interest to historians and history teachers.


  • The History Place - This site is well organized and graphically pleasing. It has various topics of history on which it concentrates.


  • CLIO: The National Archives Information Server


  • Military History - A great site! It presents this vast topic by using a timeline that lets you choose what era you want to search. It has military history in general aviation, military technology and weapons, military and diplomatic biography, military museums and institutes, and naval history. Lots to see and do.


  • The Utah State University Oral History Program - This site provides an excellent springboard for oral history projects. The procedures and examples present on this page can be applied across the K-Life grade levels.


  • PBS Home page is an exciting site with many different options available. It coincides with the great stuff your local stations are broadcasting. The multimedia ideas for social studies are extensive.


  • Museum Hotlist - The world's museums--all at your finger tips.


  • The History Channel provides social studies teachers with a chance to actually make a conscious effort to update their video library. Instead of days after, actually find out when it is on before it is broadcasted.


  • National Archives and Records Administration has a ton of resources at your finger tips. "Portrait of Black Chicago," American Originals," "A Letter from Jackie Robinson," and "JFK Assassination Records Collection" are just a few of the titles NARA has to offer. A fantastic source for primary documents!

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