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  • Oyez Oyez Oyez: A Supreme Court WWW Resource. This includes digitized files of oral argument. TheIndex of Cases By Subject page is a goldmine for government teachers.
  • DECISIONS OF THE U.S. SUPREME COURT includes a key-word searchable index which allows you to search all Supreme Court decisions after May 1990. Indexed here are the Court prepared summaries of those decisions (syllabi).
  • Federal Constitution - A on-line text of our country's living document.
  •  Government Information Sharing Project-Oregon State University - One can never have too many demographic information. Formerly unavailable on-line, much of the information provide here includes specific governmental records on censuses, county statistics, and city demographics from across America. Check out your home town. Good reference base for teachers.
  • Civnet is now working in conjunction with AskEric search engines. You can use this link to proceed there.
  • Here are some pages from opposite political spectrums: Progressivismand Turn Left: Resources for Progressive Activists, and The Right Side of the Web.
  • Wiretap's US & World Government Documents is a gopher site with many usable documents such as full-text of most of the World's Constitutions. Also, the U.S. Political Platforms section include 3rd party documents as well as historically significant platforms from the past.
  • President Worldwide public access to the history found in America's presidential libraries.
  • Welcome to the White House:An Interactive Citizens' Handbook provides a single point of access to all electronic government information on the Internet.
  • Thomas provides the text of all bills introduced since 1992 and full-text and key-word searchable Congressional Record. There is also a comprehensive guide to government databases called Fedworld
  • is a generally unbiased website that reviews all aspects of the campaigns of individual candidates, political parties, and how the voting public is reacting to them.

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