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Fred Risinger has served in a variety of positions at Indiana University, Bloomington before retiring after thirty-one years. He directed programs in US-Japan Studies, Social Studies, and Professional Development. He is a former president of the National Council for the Social Studies, writes a column on using the Internet to teach social studies for Social Education, and has co-written 5 secondary history textbooks and a K-6 social studies program.

This is the first time I’ve greeted you on this website. For many years, it was called “Social Studies Resources,” hosted by Indiana University, Bloomington’s School of Education. When I retired, I planned to continue the concept of this site; but, it’s taken me a few years to set things up. (Procrastination, thy name is Fred.) This page is designed for K-12 social studies teachers and students. It also has information and topics that are useful to pre-service social studies instructors and students. The World Wide Web offers almost unlimited opportunities for social studies education and we hope that this page will benefit both the novice and the experienced Web user.

I'd like to ask you to send me your 5 favorite websites for social studies instruction...sites that provide information for teachers, students, and college students planning to become social studies teachers.  Please send your suggestions to me at the e-mail address listed below.

I would appreciate your help in maintaining this page as a service to social studies teachers and students. Let me know how you use the Internet (and Web 2.0) in your classroom. Send me your suggestions, advice, and criticism. Contact me at

Sweet Search



SweetSearch is a relatively new part of Finding Dulcinea, which calls itself the “Curator of the Internet.”  It is based on the premise that most students cannot effectively conduct research on the Internet because some sites have inaccurate information or are not appropriate for school-age searchers.  SweetSearch searches only 35,000 websites that have been approved by their staff.  It allows students to choose “the most relevant result from a list of credible results, without the distraction of unreliable sites.” 


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